World Metrology Day Events

Below is the list of those World Metrology Day events we have been notified of.
To request publication of your event, please e-mail us a brief summary in Word, and (optionally) a logo and web site link.


Australia hosts a World Metrology Day Symposium

As part of the WMD commemorations, on 22 May NMI invited Dr Adi Paterson, CEO of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and Mr Martin Dwyer of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) to give a presentation on the work of their respective organisations. NMI’s Dr Valérie Villière also gave a short talk.

The seminar was opened with a short address by Dr Barry Inglis, the President of the International Committee for Weights and Measures (CIPM).

For more information, please visit the following web site: www.measurement.gov.au/Pages/NMISymposium.aspx



Bangladesh celebrates World Metrology Day 2012

The Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) has decided to observe World Metrology Day 2012. On this occasion, a discussion meeting will be held on 20 May 2012 in the BSTI auditorium. The Honorable Minister, Ministry of Industries of the Government of Bangladesh will remain present as Chief Guest during the discussion meeting.

A number of well-renowned scientists, academics and press and media personalities will also attend, and a PowerPoint presentation marking the importance of World Metrology Day and this year's theme will be given by NML-BSTI officials.

National radio/television and newspapers will also broadcast and publish the World Metrology Day program.



La Belgique fête la Journée Mondiale de la Métrologie 2012

Le mardi 15 mai 2012, le Service de métrologie du SPF Economie (Belgique) organise une série de présentations sur le thème "Métrology for Safety", suivi d’une visite guidée des laboratoires. Vous êtes cordialement invités à prendre part à cette journée internationale de la métrologie - l'atelier se déroulera en français, en néerlandais et en anglais.

Pour de plus amples renseignements, visitez ce site web et téléchargez la fiche d'informations en cliquant sur le lien ci-dessous.


België viert de Wereld Metrologie Dag 2012

Op dinsdag 15 mei 2012 organiseert de metrologische dienst van de FOD Economie een aantal presentaties rond dit thema, gevolgd door een rondleiding in de laboratoria van de dienst Nationale Standaarden. U bent van harte uitgenodigd om deel te nemen aan deze Wereld Metrologiedag.

Voor meer informatie: klik hier.



Botswana celebrates World Metrology Day 2012

This year WMD was celebrated in Gaborone under the theme ‘Metrology for safety’ which highlighted the importance of correct measurements to ensure safety in all walks of life. The focus for this year’s theme was on road safety and to demonstrate its significance Botswana Bureau of Standards (BOBS) partnered with Motor Vehicle Accident Fund, Department of Road Transport and Safety and Botswana Police Service to spread road safety awareness across the country. For a full report, click the link below:


Inmetro celebrates World Metrology Day 2012

The Brazilian National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro) will hold its third annual celebration of World Metrology Day on Tuesday, May 22, 2012.

On this one-day event several presentations and other related activities will approach the WMD proposed theme Metrology for Safety.

Location: Inmetro facilities, Xerém, Duque de Caxias/RJ – Brazil
More information: Mr. Silvio F Santos (sfsantos@inmetro.gov.br)



World Metrology Day 2012 in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Institute of Metrology, together with the Union of Metrologists in Bulgaria, the State Agency for Metrological and Technical Surveillance and the Federation of the Scientific Engineering Unions are organizing the X-th National Scientific-Practical Conference “Metrology 2012” on 18 May 2012.

This year’s event is devoted to World Metrology Day, 20 May, with the motto “We measure for your safety”. The Conference is under the patronage of Mr. Delyan Dobrev, Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism.

Themes of the Conference:

  1. Measurements - a prerequisite for safety
  2. Legal metrology for public protection
  3. Current international and national documents on metrology
  4. European framework for marketing of measuring instruments
  5. Accreditation in support of safety
  6. Standardization and safety

The Bulgarian Institute of Standardization, the Bulgarian Accreditation Service, the Bulgarian Academy of Science, the Technical University of Sofia, the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy - Sofia, former colleagues involved in metrology activities, producers of measuring instruments and other interested parties are invited to take part in the Conference.

Venue: Park-hotel “Moskva”, 25 Nezabravka Str., 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria

More information: www.bim.government.bg


  Costa Rica   

World Metrology Day 2012 in Costa Rica

In celebration of World Metrology Day, LACOMET is organizing a series of activities from 21–30 May 2012 which are expected to have an impact on a wide range of audiences including secondary metrology laboratories, universities, and the general public.

Certain designated LACOMET laboratories will also participate, including the Variable Electrical Metrology Laboratory ICE, the National Metrology Laboratory, RECOPE, and the National Laboratory of Force Lanamme UCR .

Activities (For the full program click here):

  • Monday May 21, 2012: Open Day at LACOMET laboratories for users of metrology.
  • Tuesday May 22, 2012: Video conference with the participation of Luis Mussio (OIML): "Metrology and security", for metrologists of LACOMET bodies and officials of the National System for Quality (accreditation, regulation and standardization).
  • Wednesday May 23, 2012: Advanced level exchanges between LACOMET, LMVE-ICE, LNM LANAMME RECOPE and UCR, aimed at secondary laboratories, clients and the general public.
  • Thursday May 24, 2012: Metrology Awareness Seminar for SMEs, METRON project, aimed at companies in the metalworking sector, food, chambers of commerce.
  • Friday May 25, 2012: Talks on Radiation Safety and CICANUM by the University of Costa Rica, led by health officials, universities and general users.
  • Wednesday May 30, 2012: Discussion and Video Conference "Importance of Metrology" for high school students by LACOMET.



Ireland – NSAI National Metrology Laboratory [NML] to mark World Metrology Day

To mark World Metrology Day 2012, NSAI NML have arranged for 3rd level students from Dublin City University to visit the NML premises in Glasnevin on the 24th May. The students, who are in their third year studying science and engineering, will be given a tour of the NML laboratories and shown practical usage of the equipment used in calibration.

More information: www.nsai.ie/our-services/measurement/calibration-services/world-metrology-day-2012.aspx

  Republic of Korea   

WMD Symposium - May 21, 2012


KRISS will be celebrating World Metrology Day by organizing a symposium on May 21, 2012.  It will take place at the campus of KRISS, Daejeon, Korea.

The theme of the symposium is “We measure for your safety” and there will be presentations and discussions covering such significant issues as public and industrial safety, radioactivity and food safety, nanomaterials, etc. Speakers are all from the R&D divisions of KRISS.

The symposium is also connected with a workshop with regard to the world class laboratories in KRISS.

Symposium Program

▶ Date: Monday May 21, 2012 (10:30-17:00)
▶ Venue: Auditorium in Administration Building, KRISS, Daejeon, Republic of Korea.

Titles of presentations and invited speakers

1. “Advanced measurement technology for public and industrial safety” - Dr. Dong-Jin Yoon, Head, Center for Safety Measurements, KRISS
2. “The Fukushima nuclear accident and radiation safety” - Dr. LEE, Sang Han, Center for Ionizing Radiation, KRISS
3. “Measurement for medical healthcare” - Dr. Yong Tae KIM, Center for Fluid Flow and Acoustics, KRISS
4. “Nano EHS research activities in KRISS” - Dr. Song, Nam Woong, Center for Nano-bio Convergence, KRISS


WMD Open Day - May 18, 2012


To celebrate World Metrology Day 2012, the Centro Nacional de Metrología, México is proposing a public open day to show the big picture of how we all benefit from metrology in our daily lives.

The theme of World Metrology Day 2012 is underpinned by the slogan We measure for your safety.


To mark this celebration, the third one of its kind, CENAM will open its doors and offer guided tours of our measurement laboratories and also other places of interest within the facility such as the Newton tree, display patterns and various meters for conducting experiments. There will be lectures, video projections showing the institution, access to the library, poster displays, and more.

The laboratories and lectures will be oriented towards the general public, beginning at minimum high school grade level or equivalent.

The thematic areas that will be considered during group visits to laboratories are: Safety and Health, Energy and Environment, Metrology for Industry, and the International System of Units (SI).

For more details please visit our website at:


  Saudi Arabia

WMD 2012 in Saudi Arabia

It is my pleasure to share with you the WMD event organized by the Saudi Quality Council.

This is the third event since we began in 2010; we organized a symposium on Sunday 20 May 2012 to raise the awareness of the importance of metrology in all aspects of our lives. In line with this year's slogan we selected different topics for the lectures.

Every year, we organize a symposium to cover the application of metrology in different disciplines: mainly, the basic metrology concept, the NMI, medical, testing to protect customer rights, and compliance with specifications. 

The program of the event was posted on our web site together with the invitation. The event this year was sponsored by the well known manufacturer of calibration equipment Fluke, and their representative in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Mejdaf Group. The Saudi TV channel covered the event. The SI poster was offered to the audience as gift of the day.

The PowerPoint files of the lectures are posted here. The Message from the Directors of the BIPM and the BIML was translated into Arabic and posted here and pictures from the event are available here.

We wish everybody a successful and happy WMD this and every year.

Eng. Waleed Al-Faris
Member of the Executive Committee of the SQC



La Tunisie célèbre la Journée Mondiale de la Métrologie

A cette occasion, un World Café  sur le thème « Métrologie & Sécurité » sera organisé par l’Agence Nationale de Métrologie (ANM), le mardi 22 mai 2012 à l’hôtel Golden Tulip à Tunis, avec le concours du CNSTN1, de l’ANCSEP2, du CTAA3 et de l’Observatoire National de la Sécurité Routière.

L’objectif de ce World Café est d’explorer les sujets en question afin d’identifier les problématiques y afférents et de faire des recommandations pour le développement de la métrologie dans ce domaine au niveau national.

A ce titre, les 3 sujets suivants seront traités :

  1. La sécurité pour le bien-être ;
  2. La sécurité routière ;
  3. La sécurité sanitaire.

Aussi, un workshop sur le contrôle métrologique des préemballages sera animé, en fin de journée, par un expert européen, et ce, dans le cadre du projet de jumelage institutionnel  entre la Tunisie (ANM) et un consortium européen composé de l’Institut Néerlandais de Métrologie (VSL) et de l’institut Portugais de la Qualité (IPQ). Ce Workshop aura pour thème : « Métrologie et produits préemballés : les exigences européennes ».

Le programme détaillé de la journée est disponible dans le fichier PDF ci-après :

Cet évènement sera diffusé on live sur www.ustream.tv\channel\metrologie.

1 Centre National des  Sciences et Technologies Nucléaires
2 Agence Nationale du Contrôle Sanitaire et Environnemental des Produits
3 Centre Technique de l’Agro-Alimentaire



General Directorate of Metrology and Standardization and Tübitak National Metrology Institute (Tübitak Ume)
celebrate World Metrology Day together

World Metrology Day will be celebrated in Turkey on 21 May, 2012 from 09.30–16:00 at the Bilkent Hotel, Ankara, hosted by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology General Directorate of Metrology and Standardization.

During the event Prof Dr Naci EKEM, a member of Eskişehir Osmangazi University, will give a talk on metrology, Dr Muhsin MAZMAN, Senior Researcher from TÜBİTAK, will give a talk on science, and prizes will be awarded to the secondary education students painting contest winners entitled “What would happen to our safety if we could not measure correctly?”. Prizes will also be awarded for running and table tennis sports activities performed in TÜBİTAK Gebze Campus.

It will be possible to view the Painting Contest exhibition and the TÜBİTAK UME Measurement Park. State institutions and organizations, industrial firms and universities especially involved in metrology-related academic activities and a group of 30 secondary education students have been invited to the celebration and it is estimated that there will be a total of about 300 participants.

For more information:


 United Kingdom   

LGC celebrates WMD

LGC, the UK’s designated National Measurement Institute for chemical and bioanalytical measurement, celebrated World Metrology Day this year by producing an article, in collaboration with IUPAC, for Chemistry International – the news magazine for IUPAC. The article demonstrated how this year’s World Metrology Day theme, ‘Metrology for Safety’ concerns us all in a variety of commonplace ways, with focus on the area of nanotechnology. Measurement in this emerging field is essential for enabling the safe and responsible development of nano-based consumer products.

In addition, LGC focused a series of blogs on how measurement is important in our lives. ‘LGC Science’ provides short, bite-sized articles highlighting how chemistry, in particular chemical measurement, impacts upon our everyday lives. It discusses some of LGC’s latest research and demonstrates how the company and its scientists apply their research to ensure “Science for a safer world”.


 United  States  

NIST will be celebrating World Metrology Day with a Colloquium

The range of the National Institute of Standards and Technology's measurement work devoted to safety is vast, and this work affects millions of measuring instruments both in the USA and around the world.

NIST will be celebrating World Metrology Day on Monday May 21, 2012, with a Colloquium highlighting a large number of NIST programs dedicated to creating a safer world. This World Metrology Day, thought will be given to how important accurate measurement is to our lives and our civilized, industrial society.

To find out more about the Colloquium, please visit the following NIST page:




LATU commemorates WMD

LATU is commemorating WMD with a seminar for the presentation of new services for the calibration of instruments used to ensure road safety.


En conmemoración del Día Mundial de la Metrologia, el Laboratorio Tecnológico del Uruguay y la Unidad Nacional de Seguridad Vial - Presidencia de la República, tienen el agrado de invitar a usted a la presentación del nuevo Servicio de Calibración de Instrumentos relacionado con la Seguridad Vial.

Miércoles 23 de mayo a la hora 10:00 - Sala de Actos - LATU.